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Arch Angels of South florida

A Catholic Community of Home Schooling Families

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Why Homeschool

There are many benefits to homeschooling one or more children. Families come to homeschooling for a variety of reasons. Let’s explore some of the reasons and in the process help you in your discernment process.

Some come to homeschooling because they have a child who is struggling in the traditional classroom.

Some parents come to homeschooling because they have a child who is struggling in school. This can be due to a learning disability that the school is not addressing effectively or efficaciously. Perhaps the child is being bullied at school, or the child just is not happy. Sometimes the institutional school is not the best venue for some children to learn. For these parents and children, homeschooling provides an avenue for an individualized education that addresses the child’s specific needs and moves at the child’s own pace.

Many come to homeschooling because they want to actively participate in their child’s education.

Some parents come to homeschooling because they want to be active participants in their child’s education. They realize that perhaps they can teach their child through their strengths and interests and bolster their weaknesses with a more one-on-one approach. Many parents want to be the ones to witness those “lightbulb” moments in their child’s education and so they come to homeschooling.

Others come to homeschooling for financial reasons.

Perhaps they had their child in a parochial or private school, and it was just too much for them financially. Home schooling can provide a quality, academically challenging curriculum to children at a fraction of the cost of other schools. There are many curriculum providers available on the market to suit every budget and style of learning and teaching.

Many come to homeschooling because they want to provide their child with an authentic Catholic education and to live out the liturgical year more fully.

Many families come to Catholic homeschooling because they desire to live out more fully the liturgical year. Through homeschooling, families have the opportunity to go to daily Mass and celebrate feast days that may be difficult to do with an institutional school schedule. Teaching and learning can also revolve around the liturgical year: education topics can include the saint of the day or the current liturgical season or feast, and these feast days and seasons can be celebrated in a unique way in the home!

Our ARCH Angels families initially began homeschooling for many different reasons, but many continue to homeschool because of the transformation that happens in their homes!

Many families have shared that they are living with less stress without the pressures of school and all that comes with it. They find that they have a chance to bond with their children in a way they never realized was possible. Because of the flexibility of home schooling, families have the opportunity to attend daily Mass, celebrate feast days, and go on pilgrimages and trips that they might otherwise miss because of school schedules.

No matter the reason you come to homeschooling, our ARCH Angels community has the support and resources necessary to accompany you through your homeschooling journey!

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Prayer For Christian Families

“Under Thy paternal gaze, O Lord, and with confidence in Thy Providence and in the loving patronage of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, the family will become a sanctuary of virtue and a school of wisdom.”

Excerpt from Pope Pius XII’s Prayer for Christian Families


"The entire educational process must be carried out with love, which is perceptible in every disciplinary measure and which does not instill any fear. And the most effective educational method is not the word of instruction but the living example without which all words remain useless."

Edith Stein

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